Safety Training Program & Courses Online


Awareness, Driver, Safety

2 hours 30 minutes (combined) (approx.)




GHS and WHMIS 2015: This online GHS and WHMIS course is designed to fulfil the training for both the Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS) and the new Globally Harmonized System (GHS) training requirements. The course explains the old Workplace Hazardous Material Information System information, as well as how GHS will change WHMIS and what the new requirements are. After completing this comprehensive course, an understanding should be gained of the relationship between the WHMIS and GHS systems, occupational health and safety laws, the purpose of WHMIS and GHS, core features of both systems, responsibilities of employers, employees, and product suppliers, how to control chemical hazards, and system related documentation and labelling.

TDG Transportation of Dangerous Goods - Clear Language Canadian Edition: Course overview content: This program is designed to facilitate an Employee Transportation of Dangerous Goods Training Program.  There is the standard information, as well as a training matrix to facilitate worksite specific training.  In the program, topics such as Dangerous Good Regulations and Parts 1-16 and Schedules 1-3, enforcement, create shipments and shipping documents.  You can also download full copy of the Federal Legislation, the Emergency Response Guidebook and a Employers Training Matrix.  This program is one of the most comprehensive online programs available.